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During this time of national crisis, we must manage two things simultaneously: 1) Protect ourselves from the Coronavirus, and 2) Protect ourselves from anxiety. If your anxiety, fear, and worry has been overwhelming, put these ten strategies into practice.  Media Distancing: To stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ve had to practice social distancing. But to
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What is an appropriate level of COVID-19 worry and  what steps can you take to reduce your anxiety        Today I had a Zoom call with a patient who leaves deliveries on her porch for a week and then disinfects the packages before opening them. Another patient shared how upon returning home she removes all
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Many people are reluctant to try medication and would rather overcome anxiety on their own, and I’m in favor of this. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not possible, and medication is essential. But many anxiety sufferers have an intense fear of trying medicine. It’s ironic that medication can be both the object of anxiety and the
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The illness you fear might not be the illness you have. I recently conducted an online support group for people with all sorts of health fears, from cancer and heart disease to ALS and MS. Each shared their worries about moles on the skin, irregular heart palpitations, and numbness and tingling. Although their specific fears
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Health Anxiety Part 1

 Ken Goodman explains health anxiety and provides the beginning steps to overcoming this debilitating fear. Ken is joined by a former health anxiety sufferer.

Health Anxiety Part 2

 Ken Goodman and another former health anxiety sufferer discuss what it takes to conquer health anxiety
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