The Emetophobia Manual

Free Yourself from the Fear of Vomit and Reclaim Your Life

More than a self-help book

You cannot overcome fears simply by learning new information. You heal yourself by living new experiences. This groundbreaking book is an experiential program that includes dozens of transformative exercises as well as QR codes which link to educational, motivational, and exposure videos you can view on your smartphone.

The Emetophobia Manual is based on three proven scientific treatment modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Exposure Therapy.

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Emetophobia Workshops

Ten-Week Emetophobia Workshop for Parents


Ten-Week Emetophobia Workshop for Parents

This workshop is designed for parents who are particularly fearful of their child getting sick as well as their child getting a stomach bug and passing it on. In this workshop you will learn the tools and strategies of overcoming emetophobia with others who struggle in a similar fashion. The workshop will take place over Zoom and will consist of eight people from across the United States and parts of the world. Flu season is just about behind us but the next one will be here before you know it. After the ten-week workshop you will have the opportunity to sign-up for a twenty-week group where you will receive individualized attention as you go through flu and norovirus season. Full recovery from emetophobia can be a lengthy process and this group is designed to see you through the rough parts of your journey. The workshop is mostly me teaching while the group is more interactive. The cost of the ten-week workshop is $600. The day and time of the workshop will be decided once applications have been received. To apply complete the application

With eye-opening metaphors, powerful tools, proven strategies, and inspiring anecdotes, The Emetophobia Manual will motivate you to take the steps to free yourself from the fear of vomit.

The program includes:

  • An easy to follow step-by-step process

  • The strategy to overcoming emetophobia

  • Exercises for moving beyond past vomiting trauma

  • Tools for conquering anxiety, panic, and compulsions

  • Stories of triumph and how success was achieved.

  • Over fifty QR codes which link to photos and videos that will inspire, educate, and desensitize you from the fear of vomit.

Praise for The Emetophobia Manual

Amazon reviewFilm Lover, Life-long emetophobia sufferer
This book changed my life! I have been a lifelong sufferer of emetophobia with each passing year it crippling my life to the point where I became so sick that I couldn’t eat, sleep, or leave my house. That’s when I knew I needed help. I was scared to face my fear at first but I kept telling myself that if I follow what is in the book then I will be free. I worked on all the exposures that were laid out in the book every single day. Some days were easier than others, but soon I started to see real progress. Before the book I couldn’t even say the word “vomit” out loud. Now I can watch real people vomiting online and eat foods that used to terrify me. I travel with ease and no longer suffer with intrusive vomit thoughts. If you are suffering PLEASE do yourself a favor and get this book!!
Amazon reviewWB, life-long emetophobia sufferer
I am twelve and I have had emetophobia since as long as I could remember and I thought I would never see the end of it. My family was very supportive but they didn’t really understand what was so frightening. I totally doubted some book would magically cure something that was a permanent part of my life. I started reading the book, and my opinion completely changed. There were real life experiences of other emetophobes and I scanned the barcodes to find some extremely helpful exposures. The book was so clear, gentle, and understanding of what people with emetophobia go through. There were amazing techniques, and to summarize, my crippling anxiety is totally, completely, gone. I am so thankful to Ken Goodman for freeing me from the fear that tried to ruin my life.
David Kosins, PhD,Emetophobia Specialist
As a fellow emetophobia specialist up the coast, I applaud Ken Goodman's excellent work! This manual reflects his extensive experience assessing and treating adults with a poorly understood and often crippling anxiety condition. The book incorporates clever uses of humor, gamesmanship, sports and pop culture metaphors, life values, and sassiness. The publication of this book has aided my work with emetophobes, who enjoy the playful yet hopeful tone. Personifying and externalizing anxiety is one of many helpful devices introduced in the manual. An extensive list of exposure exercises and instructions on refraining from safety behaviors eliminate some of the guesswork in designing treatment plans. Exposure therapy, the gold standard treatment, is approached gradually, with helpful combinations suggested. Most importantly, the proper attitude of exposure therapy is emphasized. I am grateful to the author for stressing how much motivation and dedication is necessary for facing this fear. No simple solutions or false promises are offered. Instead, potential problems with motivation are addressed head on. Since emetophobia can overlap with several other conditions, Ken includes excellent suggestions for reducing suffering from panic attacks, traumatic memories, generalized anxiety, compulsions, restricted eating, social anxiety, and relationship conflicts. Finally, QR codes add efficiency and multimedia fun to the reader's experience, and may set a new standard for psychology self-help books.
Reid Wilson, Ph.D.Author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head
If you allow this remarkable book to serve as your guide, you’ll be more successful than you ever imagined. It delivers tactics that are critical to your success.
Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, L.C.S.W.Author of The Anxiety Cure
This manual is brain re-wiring, cognitive-behavioral therapy at its best!
Sally Winston Psy.D.Author of Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts
This comprehensive manual exquisitely captures the incessant inner dialogue of people with this disabling condition, written by THE expert in the field. With the numerous QR codes which link to videos and photos, there is no other book like it.
Karen Cassiday, PhDPast President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America
This is the book that I wish I could have had years ago when the only self-help manuals were, well… boring. Ken has managed to take the best that science has to offer and put it into a fun and informative format that actually makes it easy to practice what he is teaching. Break Free from Anxiety also appeals to those who are artistic and want to grow their imaginations beyond the limits of anxiety. How cool is that?
Michelle Witkin, PhDTherapist, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD.
In this book, Ken Goodman makes understanding and overcoming anxiety simple and straightforward. His examples vividly illustrate concepts, making them easy to apply, and the exercises will leave readers with skills to effectively face anxiety for years to come! As a psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety, I find myself utilizing many of the concepts Ken uses in this book over and over again.
David Schechter, M.D.California State University Northridge, Dept. of Social Work
Ken Goodman’s book is a creative, practical approach to overcoming anxiety. He offers a compassionate, imaginative, and at times lighthearted method to help solve this important issue in people’s lives. The addition of “coloring pages” is a brilliant way to integrate both hemispheres of the brain in a therapeutic way. This book is a powerful resource for anxiety and I intend to recommend it to many patients… and do the coloring pages myself!
Beth Salcedo, M.D.Medical Director of The Ross Center Past president of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America
This book is a well laid out plan for conquering emetophobia and resources to get you motivated to do the hard work. It is hopeful, optimistic and will give you the strategy and tools to alleviate your suffering. Definitely a must read for those struggling!
Maggie Perry,
I love this book! Ken Goodman compassionately explains the cure for emetophobia with science, humor, and strategy. This book provides everything you need to know about the devastating disorder in an engaging, step-by-step way that includes videos and exercises.
Jennifer Shannon, L.M.F.T.Author of Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind
This is an incredibly helpful book for one of the most debilitation phobias out there. The Emetophobia Manual is easy to digest, no pun intended, with powerful tools you can use to win your freedom. The videos are terrific with instructions that will encourage and inspire you.
Ashley 20 year emetophobia sufferer
I have suffered with panic attacks and severe emetophobia for over 20 years, but thanks to this book, I am finally FREE and living my life! Ken lays out easy to follow steps, along with QR codes that link to photos and videos. This book frames anxiety in a whole new way; a way in which you actually want to fight and win. It gave me winning strategies that make getting better attainable, something I never thought possible.
Daniel GEmetophobia sufferer
For over fifteen years I've struggled with the fear of vomiting, which exacerbated my social anxiety and low self-worth. It caused awkward social situations, misunderstandings, avoidance (even agoraphobia), and tons of stress. The Emetophobia Manual completely changed my perspective on how to deal with fears, unwanted thoughts, irrational 'what ifs', and taught me the importance of externalizing anxiety, accepting uncertainty, as well as how these ideas can be used to beat anxiety at its own sick game. In almost every chapter, there are small tasks the manual suggests the reader to do. From personal experience, I can tell you that completing each made me better equipped to deal with the fear of throwing up. More specifically, restaurants were extremely tough for me because I felt out of control. “What if I got nauseous before the meal even came? Will everyone in the restaurant judge me if I have a panic attack? How long must I sit here with intense anxiety until the check comes?” So many thoughts would flood into my head, but after reading this book I decided to push myself. With the tools Ken Goodman provides, I threw myself into anxieties territory and challenged it. Sure, it was really difficult at first, but now restaurants don't bother me in the slightest. So long as you want to get better and put enough effort into the healing process, I'm glad to say that this book will help you tremendously. I sincerely hope you try this book if you're looking for a way out. I can almost guarantee the wealth of information and valuable insight and suggestions will benefit your recovery from the fear of vomit.
Wendy CEmetophobia sufferer
To say the material in this book is life changing is honestly an understatement. It's hard to even put into words what the practices, exposures, coping mechanisms, and stories had done for helping me handle my emetophobia. There were honest moments where I sobbed while reading this book, and parts that felt like a comforting embrace. I had never read anything so relatable in my life, each page made me feel understood -- and I've read a handful of anxiety or emetophobia books, none of which tackle this horrid phobia as in depth as this book. Putting in the time to read and really soak in the information that this book has to offer will change your life, as it did for me. Some days are still hard of course, but living is easier now that I have The Emetophobia Manual to lean back on whenever I need a gentle reminder that I can handle my anxiety and I am not alone. Hope you find it as comforting as I did.
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