People with anxiety do not have to suffer. Watch these success stories!

Administrator: Lifelong sufferer
Panic, racing heart, lightheaded, moody, insomnia.

Physical Therapist: Lifelong sufferer
Social anxiety, avoided social situations

College Student: Lifelong sufferer
Social & Separation anxiety, IBS

Life-long suffer explains how she overcame
panic attacks and fear and found joy.

Teacher: 5-year sufferer
Compulsions, panic, fear of flying

Disability Care Specialist: 6-year sufferer
Chest Pains, dizziness, insomnia, suicidal

Hotel Concierge: 11-year sufferer
Claustrophobia, excessive worry, panic

Accountant: Lifelong sufferer
Valium addiction, panic, agoraphobia

University Professor and Therapist
“This Series is amazing!”

Teacher: 20-year sufferer
Racing & worrisome thoughts, agitation

Teacher: 20-year sufferer
Racing & worrisome thoughts, agitation

College Student: 3 year sufferer
Fear of heart attack, dying, & leaving his house

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