Sample The Anxiety Solution Series for FREE

The Anxiety Solution Series is a 46-chapter step-by-step audio program. To sample The Series we have made available Chapters 1, 2, 14 and a bonus chapter. These chapters contain information about anxiety, excerpts from Ken’s lectures, and interviews with doctors and former anxiety sufferers.



Land of Misery New

Chapter 1: A Life Changing Journey

Ken Goodman introduces The Anxiety Solution Series, explains the program, and discusses what is required and who you will hear.

Anxiety Illustration

Chapter 2: Are Anxiety Disorders Curable? 

Since anxiety is a normal emotion, what does it mean to be cured from anxiety? Hear former anxiety sufferers share their success.

Chapter 6 - Adrenal Glands

Chapter 14: Adrenaline and Panic

Every day thousands of people flee to emergency rooms and urgent cares due to their physical symptoms and fears of dying, only to be informed that there is nothing medically wrong. It’s difficult to imagine that intense physical symptoms are cause by anxiety.

Anxiety Illustration

Bonus Chapter: How Do I Conquer My Anxiety?

The brain of anxiety sufferers is wired to worry and panic. Fortunately, brain surgery is not necessary. Neuroscientists and therapists have found an effective way to rewire the brain to help you become the calm person you desire to be.

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